WEST: TPFF Flannel


EVENT: Closing Night of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.

STYLE: Jacket; Flannel. Bralette; Flannel. Cami; Flannel. Skirt; Flannel. Heels; Ego.

COMMENT: A label born on the west coast of Australia, Flannel has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Since 2006, Flannel has opened boutiques across Australia and Los Angeles. Having only heard positive things about this local label over the years, I was beyond excited to be invited to Flannel’s 2016 Telstra Perth Fashion Festival show. Having a one-year old at home lends itself beautifully to online shopping but I have to admit that visiting the Subiaco store to select my head to toe look was a highlight experience in itself. Seeing the luxurious fabrics in person, understanding the collections and trying on the silk slips was paramount to gaining a greater understanding of why Flannel is renowned for lifestyle wardrobe staples, which are both romantic and understated. The silk bomber jackets are effortlessly cool, the bralettes are delicately cut while the embellished dresses are pure understated luxury. The day of the show arrived (which happened to be closing night of TPFF) and so did a typical buzz kill cold. I had been so careful to not overdo my fashion festival commitments this year, focusing only on shows which truly mattered to me. To say I was frustrated to miss the show (at the Art Gallery of WA no less!) is an understatement. So I cooked some fresh pasta, watched social media for snippets of the live Flannel show then went to bed at 8am. Yep, I’m so extreme.

Outfit images courtesy of Grace Robinson Photography. Runway images courtesy of Stefan Gosatti for Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.







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