STYLE: Red structured top; Lioness. Denim skirt; Ksubi. Red wrap top; Bec & Bridge. Spotted skirt; Bec & Bridge. Meow T-Shirt; Bec & Bridge. Black dress; Bec & Bridge.

COMMENT: There’s no denying that Christmas is my favourite time of the year… I’m the kind of person that gets excited over a tree display in September. And I’m also the person who decorates in November and packs away in February (hey, when it takes me four days to ‘fluff’, light and decorate the tree, can you blame me?!). We’ve travelled the world to experience Christmas in Europe, in New York and even within a Disney park (hello cosy!)- I guess Kevin McCallister and I share more than a love for Christmas carols. I think it’s safe to say I’m a Christmas enthusiast- one that appreciates a well-lit tree and a festive atmosphere. You can imagine my delight in this year’s Christmas Lights Trail. And the fact that it’s within the City of Perth and so close to home makes it all the more special. The trail of lights is walking distance within the CBD and covers the majority of the city. It’s so much bigger than I anticipated so allow more than one night to experience this- you’ll be covering some kilometres!

Outfit images courtesy of De Fleur Creative.

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