EAST x WEST: The Eyes Have It



STYLE: Michelle: Givenchy glasses via SpexDesign, a privately owned, family run North Perth optometrist. An incredible range of eyewear brands are available here, including Kenzo, Carla Zampatti, Furla and Prada. A true speciality store that has staff that are both knowledgeable and kind.
Nikki: Jono Hennessy glasses via Eyes On Queen, right in the heart of Melbourne. These guys know how to help you choose the right frame for your face and are happy to take the time for you to try on basically every pair in the store! I initially went straight for the Prada, but the team introduced me to this amazing Australian designer and overall I am so much happier with the shape of these frames.

COMMENT: We know we’re not alone when we say we’re beyond addicted to our phones. It’s our job to be front and centre with all things digital and it’s no exaggeration that we literally spend the majority of each day glued to our devices and screens. Who isn’t! We’ve just jumped onto the Eyezen bandwagon, which relaxes and protects our eyes against the everyday strain of prolonged use of screens. Although both of us actually require prescription lenses for everyday life, Eyezen is suitable for anyone who spends a chunk of their life on tablets, smartphones and screens. The process was super easy and involved visiting our local optometrists for a (much needed) eye test. The hardest part was selecting from the huge variety of fashion-forward eyewear which is now available. We have been wearing our new glasses for the past week and noticed instantly that our vision is both sharper and clearer. We’re getting less afternoon tiredness in our eyes and feel less guilt browsing our phones for hours each night as Eyezen provides blue light protection (blue light gets a bad wrap as it’s known to disrupt sleep). Eyezen is an obvious choice to protect our eyes as we’re obviously not giving up our devices anytime soon!

Outfit images courtesy of Stylesnooperdan and Grace Robinson Photography.








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