EAST x WEST: Luxurious Threads


Nikki SP Stylesnooperdan 2

LOCATION: Perth and Melbourne.

STYLE: Michelle: Self Portrait via GlamCorner.
Nikki: Self Portrait via GlamCorner.

COMMENT: We remember the days when we could justify dropping $600 on one dress. You could tell yourself then it will be worn to three weddings and one birthday and no one would know that this designer dress was currently on high rotation. The odd tagged Facebook image was our biggest concern. Those were the days! Today, it’s just impractical to regularly spend huge amounts on one piece. Every event/function/night out turns into a social media situation and the dress has been seen across the globe before the night is over! Perhaps we’ve been living under a fashion rock but we have only just discovered GlamCorner, which sets itself apart by lending our ultimate designers. Here we have access to a host of our favourite labels including Self Portrait, Ellery, Maticevski, Balmain and Dolce & Gabbana. Surely this is the easiest way to get designer pieces at a fraction of their retail value for every major event (we literally couldn’t believe the limitless range online). So nice to have discovered you GlamCorner… we’re already plotting what our next borrowing move will be.

Outfit images courtesy of Stylesnooperdan and Grace Robinson Photography.








Nikki SP Stylesnooperdan 6

Nikki SP Stylesnooperdan 5

Nikki States of Style  Stylesnooperdan - Self Portrait Glam Corner 8

Nikki SP Stylesnooperdan 1

Nikki SP Stylesnooperdan 7 Self Portrait Glam Corner States of Style

Nikki SP Stylesnooperdan 9

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