LOCATION: Perth and Melbourne.

STYLE: Michelle: Black Cami; Simone Pérèle. Black Bodysuit; Asos. Black Skirt; Asos. Sunglasses; Minkpink. Gold, Ruby and Diamond Ring. Gold Rolo Chain. Gold Figaro Link Chain. 1881 Coin Yellow Gold Chain. Yellow Gold with Ruby Lion Ring. Gold Flat Link Chain. Yellow Gold Ruby and Sapphire Ring. Yellow Gold Best Friends Pendant. Yellow Gold Blue Gemstone Earrings.

Nikki: Navy Cami; Camilla and Marc. Blazer; Mossman Clothing. Jeans; New Denim. Heels; Manning Cartell. Gold Hoop Earrings. Emerald Ring. Sapphire Ring. Cognac Diamond Ring. Diamond Ring. Chain Necklace. Cross Necklace.

COMMENT: Don’t get us wrong, JLO has spent all summer long looking fresh-to-death with A-Rod, but there’s no mistaking that her heyday was circa Diddy. The gold, the gold, the gold- they were both dripping in it. From the hoops to the chains, they gave heavy metal new meaning…

The layers of gold have made a resurgence, with various lengths added to any outfit to create that Diddy effect- but with a slightly modernised edge. Yellow gold is currently huge and looks best with a personalised pendant or two. Gemstones are a crucial element in making this look your own and can be pulled into the look through earrings, rings or within the pendants.

Rubies, sapphires, onyx and emeralds are only a few to choose from, each with their own unique meanings. These colourful gemstones hold their own when mixed with the layers of gold- the colours may compliment an outfit but the meanings behind the stones are a significant factor to consider. Without getting all too deep and meaningful on you, emeralds are known for love and compassion while rubies signify courage and passion (oh, and will forever remind us of Jafar’s antics in Aladdin’s crazy cave of wonder). The focus that is said to come from sapphires will surely help you style the rest of your outfit around all of the gold chains and gemstones.

Layering the chains is an art in itself- you need them at varying lengths to make this look JLO-esque. Kendall and crew made chokers a huge trend of 2016 and they’re here to stay for a while longer yet with the chain resurgence of 2017 taking them to new heights. Outfit selection is the easy part to achieve this look- whether you throw on jeans and a simple silk cami, or choose a covered mesh bodysuit for them to sit above, the key to styling this is a neckline that emphasises the chains and gemstones. Whether it’s sticking to one coloured gemstone or mixing it up to a rainbow effect, there’s no wrong way to incorporate them. Throwing on a chunky men’s ring (or two) an easy way to Diddy-up this look. Hello LA!

Outfit images courtesy of Stylesnooperdan and De Fleur Creative.












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