EAST x WEST: Inside Intercontinental

LOCATION:  Intercontinental Perth City Centre.

STYLE: Michelle: Je Suis Cami: Bec & Bridge. Bonjour Shorts; Bec & Bridge. Ribbed Bow Sleeve Tee; By Johnny. Neon Weave Mini Skirt; By Johnny. 90’s Capsule Jacket; Tommy Hilfiger. Vinyl Mini Skirt; Miss Selfridge.
Nikki: Neon Stripe Cold Shoulder Dress; By Johnny. Stone Cotton Gather Strapless Dress; By Johnny. Polo Neck Mini Dress; Asos.

COMMENT: Perth hasn’t always been synonymous with luxurious hotels. Up until very recently, we’ve actually lacked many of the big names across the accomodation industry. I’ve been watching the creation of our brand new Intercontinental, located in Perth’s City Centre, with great interest as I’ve LOVED staying at various other Intercontinental’s around the world. They seem to have a knack of selecting the very best locations, whilst utilising ultimate interiors, creating that perfect mix of relaxed-luxury. It was one particular stay with them in the Caribbean a few years back (4 years to the day to be precise) which cemented my love for them in a new and rich way…

Never have I been more relieved to see the words ‘Intercontinental’ than when my husband and I arrived at their San Juan, Puerto Rico hotel, after a week-long stay at a rural Mexican surf location. My hair was basically in dreadlocks, I had been without wifi the entire time (pretty much my idea of hell and enough to kick off a fully-fledged anxiety attack!) and my husband had picked up dengue fever. We were not a pretty picture! We probably should have ventured out of the hotel more than we did during our stay in San Juan, but all we wanted (and needed) was the luxury of serious accomodation. Since this memorable trip, we’ve chosen to stay with Intercontinental whenever possible… and I can honestly say we’ve never been disappointed.

Fast forward to 2018, when Nikki and I were invited to experience Perth’s new Intercontinental, which we obviously accepted immediately. It’s no secret that we’re short on time together, so spending much needed face-to-face contact here is our idea of heaven. The wardrobe alone was large enough for both of us, the double vanity (#bathroomgoals), and the wrap around view of the city skyline ensured we weren’t disappointed. Exactly what we need on the west coast.

Outfit images courtesy of De Fleur Creative.

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