EAST x WEST: A Tale As Old As Time


States of Style

LOCATION: Perth and Melbourne.

STYLE: All items currently available from PANDORA Jewellery.
Bangles: Limited Edition Beauty and the Beast Bangle with Belle’s Enchanted Rose Clasp. Silver Bangle Bracelet.
Charms: Mrs Pott and Chip Charm. Belle’s Enchantered Rose Charm. Mickey All Around Spacer. Starry Night Pavé Silver Clip Charm.
Earrings: Dazzling Droplets Earring Studs.
Rings: Sparkling Droplets Ring. Basic Bubble Silver Ring. Swirling Symmetry Ring. Alluring Small Brilliant Cut Ring. Alluring Large Brilliant Cut Ring.

Bangles: Limited Edition Beauty and the Beast Bangle with Belle’s Enchanted Rose Clasp.
Silver Bangle Bracelet with Gold Clasp. Signature Open Bangle. Silver Bangle Bracelet.
Charms:Mrs Pott and Chip Charm. Belle’s Enchantered Rose Charm. Belle’s Dress Hanging Charm. Virgo Openwork Silver Charm. Scorpio Openwork Silver Charm. Taurus Openwork Silver Charm .
Earrings: Abstract Elegant Earring Studs.
Rings: Smooth Fine Silver Band Ring. Forever PANDORA Silver Statement Ring.

COMMENT: As long time lovers of Disney, we’ve both visited Disney Parks around the world on numerous occasions because we just can’t get enough. It’s safe to say we were pretty quick to get into theatres for the release of Beauty and the Beast, but when we found out that one of our all time fave movies had been immortalised in the form of jewellery for us to wear on an every day basis, there was no chance we weren’t getting in on the action. PANDORA and Disney have worked together to create a collection that is both fun and fashionable. With Belle’s beautiful yellow dress, the much-loved Mrs Potts and Chip as well as the iconic rose, the Pandora charms are the perfect way to incorporate some Disney into our daily outfits.

We were asked to select charms for one another that reflect our personalities and thoughts of one another…

Nikki; Mrs Potts with Chip is the perfect charm for Michelle, she’s such a wonderful mother to her one-year old and has a baby boy on the way. The red rose represents time- a commodity which we both crave more of, as our geographical distance apart means that time together is so limited and rare.

Michelle; I know Nikki has very fond memories of watching Saturday Disney every weekend, so when PANDORA released a beautiful new range of charms inspired by Beauty and the Beast, I knew she’d be right into it! She’ll argue it’s not true, but I chose Nikki the ‘Belle’ charm because I think it represents her bold yet compassionate personality.

Outfit images courtesy of Stylesnooperdan and Grace Robinson Photography.


States of Style



States of Style






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