EAST: The Vibe of Marysville

LOCATION: Vibe Hotel, Marysville.

COMMENT: Often when you think of Marysville, you think of Black Saturday and I can admit I didn’t know much more about it until I stayed recently. We were invited to check out the (not even exaggerating) most beautiful little town by Vibe Hotel with little idea of what to expect.

The hotel itself looks like an ideal modern ski resort – with a pool. The rooms are fresh and as you can probably tell from the photos, had beautiful light which I became a little obsessed with. When we eventually ventured into the town we first thought it was just one cafe across the road, but as we explored we found so many little country stores that we enjoyed exploring. Think fresh fudge, lolly shops, a big bakery and homewares galore. Mum note: they also had the best playground I’d ever seen aesthetically and functionally!

We visited a fairy garden for Hazel and met Peter, a local who told us all about the hidden treasures of Marysville such as waterfalls and Bruno’s Sculpture Garden, a magical little spot amongst the beautiful rainforest and bubbling streams. Meeting locals made me want to stay longer. You could tell he loved his town and we did too. Hotel staff helpfully suggested we visited some of the nearby sites such as Four Pillars Gin for a tasting – and this sure tempted us, but not as much as the pool and room service.

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