EAST: Opening with Emporium







LOCATION: Emporium, Melbourne.
STYLE: Top; Life with Bird. Skirt; Asos. Clutch; Chanel via The Luxe Collective by L.

COMMENT: Melbourne Fashion Week kicked off last night and it quite literally shut down the city. You know you’re attending a real ‘event’ when you can’t catch a cab close enough because so many surrounding streets have been shut down to set up the runway. On Little Bourke, between Emporium and Myer and lit with Neon lights covered in flowers we took our first look at Spring Fashion. Stand outs included new Manning Cartell (love me some leopard print), Alice McCall (hippy vibes) and Dion Lee (lace ups galore).

Outfit images courtesy of Arianna Harry Photography. Runway images courtesy of Lucas Dawson.

MFW_Emporium Opening Night Runway_LucasDawsonPhotography_03

MFW_Emporium Opening Night Runway_LucasDawsonPhotography_08

MFW_Emporium Opening Night Runway_LucasDawsonPhotography_16

MFW_Emporium Opening Night Runway_LucasDawsonPhotography_22

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