east: mfw love is love






LOCATION: Town Hall, Melbourne.
STYLE: Top; Life with Bird. Skirt; Life with Bird. Raincoat; Rains. Clutch; Louis Vuitton via The Luxe Collective by L. Heels; Sandro.
COMMENT: They chose a good year to drop the ‘Spring’ from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Night Two of MFW involved heavy rain and freezing cold temps, but alas, we still wore new season. In true Melbourne style (that is, I like to think, quite accepting and open-minded), Runway Two finished with a political statement in favour of the ‘Yes’ vote – we all know what for. Highlights of the night for me were Jason Grech and Nevenka (as always) as well as a couple of stand-outs from Ginger and Smart.

Outfit images courtesy of Stylesnooper Dan. Runway images courtesy of Lucas Dawson.

MFW_Premium Runway Three_LucasDawsonPhotography_Jason Grech_01

MFW_Premium Runway Three_LucasDawsonPhotography_Nevenka_01

MFW_Premium Runway Three_LucasDawsonPhotography_Nevenka_02

MFW_Premium Runway Two_LucasDawsonPhotography_02

MFW_Premium Runway Two_LucasDawsonPhotography_Ginger & Smart_02

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