EAST: The Skincare Company Launch in Alice McCall



States of Style - Rosetta Melbourne - The Skincare Company Launch 2016 2


LOCATION: Rosetta, Crown Complex. Melbourne.

STYLE: Top; Alice McCall ‘City Sounds Top’. Skirt; Alice McCall ‘Same Old Love Skirt’. Bag; Avalina Leather. Coat; Ted Baker. Heels; Dept of Finery.

When you get an invite to a lunch at Rosetta hosted by Bec Judd, you know it’s an event not to be missed. The Skincare Company launched their new collection of Melbourne made skin care and beauty products over antipasti that were introduced by Neil Perry himself. With the opportunity to have our foundation matched and makeup retouched while we dined on the chef’s delights, everyone was feeling pretty good about themselves. The product range is substantial enough to have something for every beauty buff and although I am yet to try it myself, Bec assured us that the skincare is so effective that it’s best to follow instructions if you don’t want to look like you’ve had a fraxel session. Sounds good to me!

Outfit images courtesy of Stylesnooper Dan.

States of Style - Rosetta Melbourne - The Skincare Company Launch 2016 3


States of Style - Rosetta Melbourne - The Skincare Company Launch 2016


WEST: Fashion For Good



STYLE: Top; Love Thread Project. Skirt; ShopGoh.

COMMENT: The Love Thread Project has been gaining momentum since March and it has just kicked off an all-important crowdfunding campaign. Behind this project stands a bunch of compassionate Perth creatives who are raising much-needed funds for social injustice issues including the exploitation of women and children in Bali. One of the easiest (and most fashion-forward) ways to contribute to the cause is through purchasing one of these limited-edition ethically made and sustainable t-shirts. We’re proud to be backing this amazing charity and to actually use #fashionforgood.

Outfit images courtesy of Grace Robinson Photography.




EAST: Aced It

Mazu 5.4

Mazu 5.7

Mazu 5.5

Mazu 5.1

Mazu 5.6

STYLE: Jumpsuit: Kit and Ace. Bag: Mazu.

COMMENT: Ok, it might not be weather appropriate, but I seriously fell in love with this jumpsuit when I stumbled into Kit and Ace with a friend recently. The delightful store assistant mentioned that she was planning to buy it for a festival she was attending and it made me think that maybe I have had the wrong impression of festivals for all of these years. Or they are just way classier these days. If you haven’t come across Kit and Ace yet, you will soon. The Canadian clothing line prides themselves on ‘taking the best principles of technical design and applying them to clothing for your real life’. Translated, this means beautiful cashmeres at affordable prices in designs you’ll actually wear.

Images courtesy of Stylesnooper Dan.

EAST: Winter Woes

Mazu 1.2

Mazu 2.1

Mazu 4.3

Mazu 1.3.

STYLE: Pants; Mossman ‘War of the Roses’. Jumper; Mossman ‘The Armageddon Knit’. Coat; Mossman ‘The Threefold Coat’. Handbags; Mazu.
COMMENT: If you’re anything like me, you’re already sick of your winter wardrobe. Every now and then you need to splurge a little to give you a reason to get up and go to work in the mornings. Mossman have long been my go-to for such binges and last week was no exception. As you can see, I’ve already re-worked this outfit in many ways!

Images courtesy of Stylesnooper Dan

EAST x WEST: Luxurious Threads


Nikki SP Stylesnooperdan 2

LOCATION: Perth and Melbourne.

STYLE: Michelle: Self Portrait via GlamCorner.
Nikki: Self Portrait via GlamCorner.

COMMENT: We remember the days when we could justify dropping $600 on one dress. You could tell yourself then it will be worn to three weddings and one birthday and no one would know that this designer dress was currently on high rotation. The odd tagged Facebook image was our biggest concern. Those were the days! Today, it’s just impractical to regularly spend huge amounts on one piece. Every event/function/night out turns into a social media situation and the dress has been seen across the globe before the night is over! Perhaps we’ve been living under a fashion rock but we have only just discovered GlamCorner, which sets itself apart by lending our ultimate designers. Here we have access to a host of our favourite labels including Self Portrait, Ellery, Maticevski, Balmain and Dolce & Gabbana. Surely this is the easiest way to get designer pieces at a fraction of their retail value for every major event (we literally couldn’t believe the limitless range online). So nice to have discovered you GlamCorner… we’re already plotting what our next borrowing move will be.

Outfit images courtesy of Stylesnooperdan and Grace Robinson Photography.








Nikki SP Stylesnooperdan 6

Nikki SP Stylesnooperdan 5

Nikki States of Style  Stylesnooperdan - Self Portrait Glam Corner 8

Nikki SP Stylesnooperdan 1

Nikki SP Stylesnooperdan 7 Self Portrait Glam Corner States of Style

Nikki SP Stylesnooperdan 9